Roasting Process

A chemical transformation takes place during the roasting process. The oils and aromatics become unstable and begin to break down.

As soon as the coffee has been roasted it begins to lose its flavour. Fresh roasted coffee has lost close to half of its flavour by the end of two weeks. Consider coffee much like a freshly baked loaf of bread The fresh loaf of bread is not fresh for very long.

Oils in the coffee beans begin to break down during the roasting process. Oils are what give coffee its flavour (approximately seventy different oils).

Freshly roasted coffee needs to degas for up to 5 days or more depending on the country of origin and process method

The shelf life of roasted coffee is 3 to 4 weeks from the roast date.

The shelf life is much shorter when the coffee is ground. The ground coffee loses up to 40% percent of its flavour within 3 minutes of grinding. The aroma you smell while grinding the coffee? That aroma is the flavour!

Please store roasted coffee in a one way valve bags, away from direct sunlight. Storing coffee in a one way valve bag prevents moisture and aromas from spoiling the coffee

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