Australian Coffee Festival - Cafe Biz 2010

Live Home Roasting Demo of the Koffee Kosmo Home roaster along with some other makes at the Australian Coffee Festival - Cafe Biz Sunday 2nd May2010

A great day was had by a all

Koffee Kosmo roaster is featured in BeanScene Magazine May & June 2010 editions
A couple of articles from Beta testers have been printed
"See inside last page on Coffee Snobs Corner"


Double blade agitator design with soft push springs released
Now available in the shop

3. October. 2010

A milestone is reached with the KKTO

Our humble design known as a KKTO has reached a small milestone
*** 300 roasts since its Beta launch in January 2010 in my personal tester unit ***
At an average of 550 grams per roast, that equates to 165 kg of beans
Not all roasts were for my personal use
That's not all
The Turbo Oven used is the original unit that was used on the first KKTO roaster from DEC 2008
The most back to back roasts I have personally done on the KKTO is 8 & I probably could have done additional roasts easily

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