Frequently Asked Questions

The Hybrid Design Koffee Kosmo coffee roaster kit has been designed with the end user in mind to achieve quality coffee roast results, ease of use & easy storage in a tight space as the main focus.

Different varieties of "Raw Nuts" have also been trial roasted in the Koffee Kosmo roaster with excellent results.

Q Why use a 12 Volt drive motor?

The simple answer is 12 volt is used world wide and is a safe power source

Q. How long does it take to assemble the Koffee Kosmo kit roaster

A. Not long at all. Its so easy, you can be roasting in less than 45 min

Q. What type of Turbo Oven is Best and is yours modified?

A. We use a stock standard Turbo Oven.

To produce quality roasting results the roaster is engineered to make the most of the available heat.

This is achieved by utilising the correct volume, and insulation along with proper mixing

Q. Explain how the roaster agitates the beans?

A. I have  spent countless hours fine tuning the agitator to have a complete mixing action rather than to push a mass of coffee beans around the roasting bowl

The main purpose of the agitator shape is to mix the beans in a specific way that is to move the beans from the centre out and back to the centre again
The action also cycles the beans from top to bottom in a helix pattern while also allowing the beans some intermittent rest time

Q. Why a kit?

A. Turbo Ovens are AC power and it makes sense to sell a kit.

The coffee roaster enthusiast can purchase and use a Turbo Oven compliant for there countries electrical laws

Also its the most economical way to offer a product at many different price points dependent on ones DIY skill level

Q. What is the capacity of the Koffee Kosmo Roaster?

A. 300 grams to 700 grams of green beans . However the sweet spot is 500 grams to 650 grams.

Advanced users can roast up to 800 grams of green beans, dependent on the wattage of the Turbo Oven and the users familiarity of the roaster.

Q. Can I expect to get professional roaster quality roast?

A. Yes its been proven by many users and testers that the results are equal

Q. Does the chaff separate from the roasted beans?

A. Yes approximately 98% of the chaff is redirected by fan force to the outer liner

Q. Does the Koffee Kosmo Roaster have cooling?

A. In theory it can cool albeit slowly with the Turbo Oven fan & no heat but in reality No it does not have cooling and we strongly recommend an external cooler be used

Q. Do you have simple plans to make a cooler?

A. Yes we have plans freely available to make an affective but simple cooler

Free DIY Cooler Instructions here:

Q. Can I build a roaster with only one kit component if I have good DIY skills?

A. Yes one can make a few styles of coffee roaster by just purchasing the Base Hub

The base hub is reversible and a variety of drive motors or roast chambers can be used

Q. I have materials and great at DIY and access to a workshop do you have plans so I can build my own roaster?

A. The Koffee Kosmo roaster started life by coffee enthusiasts like myself. My hybrid TO design was shared and made available free.

Free DIY roaster plans on this link

Q. Can I use the Koffee Kosmo Roaster for other uses?

A. The roaster can be used to roast nuts of many descriptions, for example I like peanuts and in times past I roasted them in the oven. Now the roaster is used to roast raw peanuts and the results a great

Q. Can I roast indoors?

A. That depends on the depth of the roast,smoke is mostly dissipated from the exit holes of the Turbo Oven.

Smoke is not a minor issue to City Roast stage. However smoke increases incrementally after rolling first crack to Vienna stage or beyond

We therefore strongly recommend that an exhaust fan be used during roasting at all times while roasting indoors and preferably one that exhausts direct to the outside

A fan can also be used directed to blow to an open window this will act in a similar fashion to an exhaust fan

Q. Can I use a DMM with temperature thermocouple to monitor the roast temp?

A. Yes different styles of DMM with thermocouple can be easily fitted

Did You Know

 Coffee Roasting Facts


Fact 1: Coffee “shrinks”; it loses weight up to 20% during roasting, while swelling up to three times the original green bean size.

Fact 2: The longer you roast coffee beans, the darker the colour and the higher the “shrinkage”, e.g.…, the more green coffee it takes to make a kilo.

Fact 3: Normal shrinkage is 20%; on darker roasts shrinkage goes as high as 25%. Lightly roasted coffees can have shrinkage factors as low as 11%.

Fact 4: Coffee that is light roasted as a general rule is best for pour-over brew methods e.g. French Press, Siphon, Vacuum brewers.

Fact 5: Under-roasted coffee has a flat, green, grassy astringent flavour. Over-roasted tastes burned or “caramelised” and the variable flavours of the coffee are lost in the dominant taste of the roast.

The easiest thing to do is throw the book out and - “Please, please... just roast.”

Roast too dark, roast too light, try them both then roast just right!

Cataloguing and making your own library of roast profiles of what works for you on your Koffee Kosmo Roaster for your own taste is by far the best bet.

If you have a specific question that has not been covered here please don't hesitate to contact us

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