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The Koffee Kosmo home coffee roaster has been designed and engineered for beginners & enthusiasts alike.

A Hybrid Design using both manufactured parts and off the shelf products to make the Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster

Why A Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster Kit Set

  • The Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster Kits are made for beginners and enthusiasts alike from quality metal products.
  • Kits are the most economical way to offer a product at many different price points dependent on ones DIY skill level.
  • Its portable and easy to store.
  • Its clean and easy to use as it captures the chaff within the system while separating it from the beans.

Boast About Your Home Roast

  • Fresh roasted coffee is simply the the best drinking experience
  • Home roasting isn't as tricky as one would think.
  • It is a lifestyle hobby that takes very little time to learn.
  • With a little bit of practice you can learn to do it reasonably well…..but alas it takes a lifetime to master.
  • As the designer of the KKTO I have several hundred roasts completed at home
  • I have released the Koffee Kosmo Roaster Kit to ease ones foray into home coffee roasting, by making it easy enough for you to want to try it for yourself.
  • And of course to boast about your home roast.

So Why Home Roast Your Daily Coffee?

  • Its Fresh and full of flavour
  • Its economical
  • Its easy
  • Its a Great Hobby
  • Impress your circle of friends and "Boast About Your Home Roast"
  • Freshness, flavour, control, equals satisfaction
  • Have a look at a Koffee Kosmo Roast below.

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