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Please note that the Koffee Kosmo kits are no longer being produced

And this web site remains active to act as a reference to any DIY builders 

We have stock and can help with the supply of the drive section kit parts 

1) Drive motor 12V

2) Drive Shaft 

3) Wire agitator blades and holding plate 

Please click on this link to see some recent builds - Just to see how easy a DIY build can be with the right drive section parts


We also have most manufactured spare parts for current owners 

Please email us for enquiries and pricing via the contact form 


The Koffee Kosmo home coffee roaster has been designed and engineered for beginners & enthusiasts alike.

A Hybrid Design using both manufactured parts and off the shelf products to make the Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster

Why A Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster Kit Set

  • The Koffee Kosmo Coffee Roaster Kits are made for beginners and enthusiasts alike from quality metal products.
  • Kits are the most economical way to offer a product at many different price points dependent on ones DIY skill level.
  • Its portable and easy to store.
  • Its clean and easy to use as it captures the chaff within the system while separating it from the beans.

Boast About Your Home Roast

  • Fresh roasted coffee is simply the the best drinking experience
  • Home roasting isn't as tricky as one would think.
  • It is a lifestyle hobby that takes very little time to learn.
  • With a little bit of practice you can learn to do it reasonably well…..but alas it takes a lifetime to master.
  • As the designer of the KKTO I have several hundred roasts completed at home
  • I have released the Koffee Kosmo Roaster Kit to ease ones foray into home coffee roasting, by making it easy enough for you to want to try it for yourself.
  • And of course to boast about your home roast.

So Why Home Roast Your Daily Coffee?

  • Its Fresh and full of flavour
  • Its economical
  • Its easy
  • Its a Great Hobby
  • Impress your circle of friends and "Boast About Your Home Roast"
  • Freshness, flavour, control, equals satisfaction
  • Have a look at a Koffee Kosmo Roast below.

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